Five Ways on How to Travel in Bali

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Pulau Dewata, an island of the gods, is the nickname of Bali. It is because of the religion, Hindu, who has many gods and goddess. Balinese is very religious, they even have praying site in almost every house. Some might say that Bali reputation is higher than Indonesia. It is understandable as Bali has been a terrific spot to spend holidays for decades.

Their culture, while preserving tradition, also becomes an enjoyable scene for the tourists during the trip. They have Kecak Dance, Ngaben Ceremony (where a corpse is burnt on a big campfire), Trunyan (a place to put a corpse on the ground without burial), Devdan show and some other performances as well.

While they have enough to lure you, you need to think about how you move from one point to another. Let’s have a look on how to travel in Bali. It is easy to find means of transportation there and the tariff is reasonably cheap. In fact, we have five transportation alternatives to pick on how to travel in Bali. They are cars, bikes, online transportation, Kura – Kura Bus and taxi.

If you feel bamboozled, then you need to pay attention to the following information cautiously.

  1. Taxi. It is the first option to mention here, but, it should be the last in your pecking order. You can pick this taxi if you are in hurry or in emergency state. Why? It is very expensive to go by taxi from one place to another. There are cheaper ways to travel.
  2. Online transportation is the second choice on how to travel in Bali. It has two types, cars and motorbikes. Although it is also called a “taxi”, online taxi is a low cost transportation than the former. You will be informed about the cost before you take it which really helps for newcomers. You can book them through application. If you are lucky enough, some drivers or riders can speak English pretty well and let you know about fascinating locations.
  3. Kura – Kura Bus. It is Bali typical shuttle bus like Trans Jakarta. Kura – Kura bus connects some tourism destinations in a one way trip. One trip will cost you less than US$ 2. You can buy the tickets via application. This shuttle bus fits for people who want to go to mainstream destinations only.
  4. Rent car or motorbike. You need to have international driving license to use these kinds of transportation. The benefit is: you will save your cash and time. If you go with some friends, then you can share the cost. Motorbike tops the list on how to travel in Bali in terms of price, flexibility and velocity. You can reach remote places and avoid traffic jam by taking short cuts.

Whatever transportation you choose, you have to adjust it with your budget, capability and also time. Those five ways on how to travel in Bali have their own pros and cons, be wise!