Tips to Get a Good Bali Driver

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Tourists visiting Bali are offered numerous amazing places spread in the wonderful island. To enjoy all of the magnificent spots, you have some options. One of them is to hire a car and again, there are two choices whether you want to hire a car for self-drive or with driver. Renting car for self-drive obviously give some flexibility and convenience, but there are cases where it might be a better idea to rent a car with a good Bali driver

Driving on your own in Bali might be challenging as there are crowded areas and narrow roads especially if you don’t get used to drive on left-side. Therefore, it is recommended to hire a car with driver. A good Bali driver knows everything about Bali so he can help plan your sightseeing tour itineraries. In this way, you don’t need to spend much time on doing your on research about where and how to go to particular places in Bali.

It will be safer to hire a good Bali driver from a legitimate company. Reputable tour agencies offer personal drivers who are knowledgeable about Bali. These experienced drivers will drive you to anywhere you want safely and even serve as a tour guide.

There are many places where you can hire a car with a good Bali driver. The rates usually include the car, petrol, and driver service. The average rate varies from 500,000 to 700,000 IDR/day depending on the types of car. However if you rent a luxurious car like Toyota Alphard, for instance, the price is much higher.

Be careful with companies offering a tour package. It may include souvenir shopping and overpriced restaurants which you may not really need. Therefore, it is important to get everything agreed in the beginning. Make sure there is no hidden cost or additional charge that you have to pay in the end.

Another alternative is to rent a car with a good Bali driver from the hotel you are staying. Most hotels include car rental along with the personal driver as one of their services. So, you don’t need to look for a car and a driver on your own. You just need to talk to the customer service officer and the car with the driver will be available.

If it is just for a short trip, a driver off the street will do. In many touristy areas in Bali like Seminyak, Kuta, and Jimbaran, you even don’t need to find one as they will be chasing you down each time you step out of your hotel. Of course you have to be careful with a driver you meet randomly on street.

Make sure you check whether they have a driving license and if the car has a good condition. It will be also beneficial if they can speak English very well. Before you finally decide to hire a driver, spend some time to talk with him to find out if this person is the right one as you will spend your trip with him for the whole day.