Your Best Guide from Bali Airport to Canggu

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Speaking of Bali, there are always good places to visit, good food to eat, and good people to talk to. If you are looking for more than just crowded and touristy beach town of Kuta or Seminyak, Canggu can be a great alternative. Canggu is a small coastal village locating close to the ocean. There are three villages paralleling serves as the main village. Each of the villages has its own beach areas.

Canggu is a good alternative if you are looking for a more local and laid-back situation in Bali. Since Canggu is not that popular yet, getting to the village can be a challenge. It is no big deal if you already user airport transfer with private driver, but if you are not using any type of private transportation, here is your bets guide from Bali Airport to Canggu.

Using taxi

The easy transportation from Bali Airport to Canggu is using a taxi. Most taxis in Bali are in blue color such as navy blue, blue sky, and similar. The most popular taxi option in Bali is Blue Bird, but this taxi does not directly pick up a passenger at the airport. You can indeed ride a taxi from the taxi counter at the airport but if you want to get a cheaper price, go out of the airport and catch the Blue Bird taxi. Also, beware of an illegal taxi with a similar color. It is better to always spot the right name.

Using public bus

The public bus is also available in the Bali airport with various destinations. This public bus is operated every 15 minutes and is available from 5 am to 9 pm. You can easily spot this bus in the furthest left corner in the airport, right in the same place as the airport taxi parking. Before getting on the public bus, it is important to check if it has the same route as your destination. If it is not, you may need to stop by somewhere and change transportation.

Online taxi and motorbike taxi

These days online taxi and motorbike taxi are widely available. The two biggest online transportation companies are Go-Jek and Grab. You can install either one of the application if you need to use their service. It is important to remember that not every place allows online taxi and motorbike taxi to come to pick up a passenger, including the airport. You need to get out of the airport first before booking for online transportation service.

Additional tips

Speaking of transportation in Bali, it is always important to consider your arrival time. If you arrive in the middle of the night after international flight, it is better to book private airport shuttle from the hotel than riding public transportation. If you are using the taxi, make sure to choose the one with a meter or legal. If you have arrived on the island, make sure you have the destination address or map at hand. This is because not every taxi driver know every corner of the island and may lead you to different locations.