Batur Temple

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It is located at Batur village, Kintamani District, Bangli regency. This temple is facing to the west, lies beside the route of bangle-Singaraja. It is about 60 kilometer from Denpasar, and can be reached by any transports

Before mount Batur’s devastating eruption occurred 1917, Batur Temple was located at the foot of mount Batur close to the Southwest edge of Lake Batur. The eruption destroyed 65.000 houses, 2,500 temples, and took thousands of lives. But miracle had stopped further disaster at the foot of the temple. People saw this as a good sign and decided to remain staying at their place. In 1926, a new eruption had covered the entire part of the temple except the highest shrine, the place to worship the God in manifestation as Dewi Danu, the Goddess of the waters of the lakes. Villagers then determined to bring the shrine into a higher ground and started to build again the temple.

Some Balinese old scripts said that the origin of Batur. It is said to be part of “sad Kahyangan” or group of Bali’s six temples, written in lontar Widhi Sastra, Lontar Raja Purana, and Babad Pasek kayu Selem. The Temple also stated as a part of Kahyangan Jagat” temples, a place of worshipping for all people. Histories on Batur Temple are histories about holy offerings to the Goddess that gives fertility,Dewi Danu, the Goddess of lake-water. Mineral-rich waters flowing from lake Batur , flows from one rice field to the other, eventually they reach the sea. In lontar Usana Bali, one of holy literary texts at Batur Temple, there is an old legend describing the formation of Dewi Danu’s throne.