Tulamben Beach

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Tulamben is a small fishing village, 30 km north of Amed, about 20-30 min by road. As well as local dives off the various Amed beaches a notable attraction is diving the wreck of the USAT Liberty at Tulamben. Some divers base themselves at Tulamben itself where all of the hotels have either in-house dive operations or are associated with one of them.

The Liberty is a US Army transport ship torpedoed by a Japanese submarine in 1942. The wreck lies about 30 m offshore and is covered in soft corals. A huge range of reef fish have made this their home with occasional visits by pelagics. Some of the wreck can be seen by snorkellers. There are other dives in the Tulamben area and keen divers will have no problem entertaining themselves for a few days in this area. A night dive on the wreck is strongly recommended, with bumphead parrotfish looking for a place to sleep and chances of seeing the Spanish dancer. One word of warning – The Liberty is a very popular dive and unless you are actually staying at Amed or Tulamben and get there early in the day, it can be very crowded indeed.

Besides the wide-angle dive sites, e.g. USAT Liberty Wreck and Coral Garden,there are numerous Marco dive sites, e.g. Seraya Secrets, Melasti, Segara, Big Tree, Kubu Reef, and Sidharta. The above sites are all for shore entry. If you want to do a boat dive, there are various destinations you can choose from, e.g. Alamanda, Batu Kelebit, Emerald, Sidem, and Bulakan.