U‌luwatu Beach

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Uluwatu Beach is a hidden gem, famous amongst surfers for its powerful waves and stunning sunsets. To get to the beach, you need to go down a set of steep, rocky steps. The beach is nestled underneath a cliff, on the top of which rests Uluwatu Temple, one of the oldest Hindu temples in Bali.

Paddle out to sea and get your heart pumping as you ride perfect waves, fueled by southeast winds. Between sets, marvel at the clifftop temple, spot turtles gliding by or simply relax on your board in the tranquility of this beautiful setting.

Even if you aren’t a surfer, you can enjoy the clifftop views and stunning sunsets, and visit the Uluwatu Temple. Built in the 10th century, this temple is one of Bali’s directional temples. A directional temple is one that, according to Hinduism, guards the island from evil spirits.

After exploring the site, enjoy a bite to eat at the nearby warungs (restaurants) on the top of the cliff. Relax to the sound of the waves crashing below and enjoy the cool evening breeze.

This small and intimate beach is not as accessible as other beaches in southern Bali. Because of the extremely powerful waves, swimming is not advised here and surfing is for the experienced only. For calmer waters with easy access, head to the beaches at Padang and Bingin. Other well-known surfing beaches in the area include Impossible Beach, Dreamland Beach and Suluban Beach.

Uluwatu Beach is located near the village of Pecatu, in Bali’s South Kuta district, a 35-minute drive from Denpasar Airport. There are plenty of accommodation options in the region. The beach has a parking area and shower. While it’s advisable to bring your own equipment, there is a surf shop at the top of the cliff where you can pick up wax and supplies.